natural organic bluebonnet castile liquid soap
  • natural organic bluebonnet castile liquid soap
  • Texas Bluebonnets - Lupinus texensis
Item #: BLUL

* CLEARANCE SALE! Our pure and natural lavender scented organic castile liquid soap is excellent for humans, dogs, laundry and general non-toxic cleaning. It's safe for woodwork, fine linens, and all washable surfaces. No artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, sulfates or preservatives. 8 fl. oz. in a 40% recycled glass pump (please reuse or recycle). Castile liquid soap refills available here.

Why glass? Because glass is made from abundant raw materials, it's chemically inert, and unlike plastic, it's endlessly recyclable...meaning it can be made into new glass over and over without any degradation. While glass may not be the best choice for the tub or shower, it performs nicely by the sink, and we think you should be using our organic bar soaps to bathe with anyway.

DISINFECTING ALL PURPOSE CLEANER RECIPE: In a spray bottle, combine 2 cups water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of our liquid castile soap, and 20 drops total of pure essential oils of your choice (such as tea tree, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary or thyme).

LAUNDRY SOAP INSTRUCTIONS: Use 1/3 c liquid soap in a regular washer (a little more for heavily soiled clothes). For HE washers, dilute your soap with 50% water first (add soap to water, not the other way around). The feeder hoses are tiny and will always clog eventually (no matter what kind of soap you use) so clean your HE feeder hose occasionally by pouring hot (not boiling) water through it.

Looking for even more ways to use our castile liquid soap? Check out our insecticidal soap recipe to use in your garden!

* While we still feel glass is superior, we have experienced numerous breakage issues in transit with these bottles forcing us to use a ridiculous amount of extra packing materials which is decidedly not green! When we run out of these beautiful glass bottles, we will be revamping our liquid soap line. Stay tuned.

Freshly handcrafted with premium saponified organic vegetable oils (coconut, olive, jojoba), organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, guar gum, essential oils (lavandin, palmarosa, patchouli, cedarwood) & rosemary extract.

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I use this liquid soap to make my own natural cleaning sprays and for laundry soap. I have tried making cleaning products with other soap brands but this would have to be my favorite to use and it shows the best results. I don't mind cleaning when I have a great soap like this and can avoid chemicals. The best part is it smells amazing!!


This is the first time I have tried castille soap. I love it. It's fresh and clean. It does not leave a residue on your hands.


I love these liquid soaps in the shower. Makes my skin so smooth. Love the scents.


A little goes a long way. I use this instead of bar soap in the shower, it leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated, which is wonderful because I have sensitive/dry skin. One of these little guys has lasted me nearly three months. Can't beat that, especially since it keeps my skin healthy :)

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