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    Everyone who walks in our shop says the same thing..."WOW, this place smells great!  What scent is that?"  "Oh, it's just all of our soaps." So we shredded up a bunch of different soaps, bagged 'em, and called it soapourri! 

    Stash these in your linen closet or lingerie drawer, hang 'em from the rear view mirror of your car, keep one on your desk, or put a few in a basket on the back of the toilet.  Wherever they go, they're going to make the whole area smell naturally grrrrreat! After the scent fades, use them as a foaming wash cloth. You get 2 oz. of soap shreds in a hand stamped cotton muslin bag.

    NOTE:  Storing these in a hot car will make the scents fade more quickly.
    May contain shreds of any or all of our natural handmade organic soaps.
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