• real castile 100% olive oil soap - CAS
  • Olive Fruit - Olea europaea
Item #: CAS

Our pure and mild fragrance free castile soap is handmade in the old world tradition and it contains certified organic extra virgin olive oil and nothing else! Ideal for super sensitive skin, babies (but not tear free!), people with multiple chemical sensitivity, or those who simply want the mildest, longest lasting handmade soap on earth. This bar does not make a big fluffy lather like our soaps that contain coconut oil, but we think you will enjoy the ultra moisturizing properties of this creamy bar that's biodegradable, vegan, and gluten free. 3.5 oz. boxed bar

NOTE: This soap is made in a facility that manufactures other products that contain essential oils, so some residual scent may have transferred, even though we store it separately in closed containers. If you are affected by this, take the soap out of the packaging and let it air out for a couple of days or run it under water briefly to remove the superficial scent.

GIVING BACK: All profits from this soap are used to lift people up through microlending & training worldwide. Click here to join our Kiva lending team or to see our global impact!

premium saponified certified organic extra virgin olive oil, distilled water

"I have been a soap connoisseur for many years. I thought I was buying the best soap money could buy for many years until they went out of business. I was distraught but it became a blessing in disguise as I found you and your soaps are by far the best I have used in my 64 years. Both my husband and I can really tell the difference in your superior quality-we will be lifetime customers - thank you for making the best soaps I have EVER used in my life!" - Gail Susan Thomas in Bowling Green, KY



Last year, I was having a lot of issues with allergic reactions and hives. A friend gave me a bar of this soap to see if it would help my condition. Luckily I was able to get to the bottom of what was causing the reactions (a non-product problem), but this soap has changed my routine in the shower. I stopped using shaving cream and started using the castile olive oil soap instead. I will never use shaving cream again! While the soap does not lather, it makes the razor glide over my skin so easily. My legs and underarms are so smooth and soft afterward. It feels so good using a natural product instead of one that's filled with chemicals.


Very moisterising, if you are not big on using body oils and such using this soap could take the place of it.

Especially during the warmer seasons.


This Castile soap is the best soap I've come across ever and I only use it on my face. My daughter bought olive oil soap from Israel and says this soap is better and cheaper. Her face has shown vast improvement using it. Please come out with a loaf version.


I am very fair, with sensitive skin and thin hair. I've always had skin problems, but even if the product worked on blemishes, it made my skin so irritated that I couldn't use it. Enter 100% real castile olive oil soap. I feel like it doesn't strip my skin of it's oils and because of that, it heals faster when I do have a blemish. But my problem skin is so much better now. This simple soap is drastically better than the stuff the dermatologist gave me. It really leads me to believe that my skin just can't handle harsh products. I also want to mention that I used the honey wheat & goats milk soap for a while, but I've had much better results with the castile oil soap. I use it on my face, hair, & body. It's so great, and it makes my hair feel really soft and not frizzy w/o any product. I would say, the only problem I have with it at all is that it just doesn't seem to dry out between uses once you get 1/2 way through the bar (I wash my hands a lot), and so it gets kind of slimy & starts to disappear faster. This is especially troubling considering it's so much more expensive than the other bars. I would like to be able to buy these in bulk, as they're the only soap my family uses & the costs really add up over time. I hope you never stop making this soap, it's a lifesaver! I don't know what I'd do without it.

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