honey oat fragrance free natural handmade organic soap
  • honey oat fragrance free natural handmade organic soap
  • Oats - Avena sativa
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We've added moisturizing goat milk and anti-bacterial local honey to our soothing fragrance free oatmeal soap for a wholesome bar that's super gentle and mild. Recommended for older babies (but not tear free!), super sensitive skin, itchy skin, dry skin and eczema. Makes a nice shampoo bar too! 3.5 oz. boxed bar

NOTE: Even though there are no added scents, this bar smells lightly of fresh honey.  Honey Oat Soap may smell slightly different than Honey Oat Body Balm due to the nature of how it’s made and the different ingredients that each product contains.

SKIN CARE TIP: After cleansing, cover your face with raw honey and let sit for 15 minutes for a moisturizing, antibacterial mask. Great for acne!  Rinse well with warm, then cool water and feel the glow.

Ingredients: premium saponified vegetable oils (organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, sustainable organic palm, organic sunflower, organic castor), distilled water, raw honey, organic oat flour, goats milk

"I have been using your Honey Oat Soap for several years now. The best soap on the market to keep my skin beautiful. I love your soap and company. You are the best. Thank you." - Barbara H. Wilmington, DE

"you have a new convert for the honey oat soap for shampoo...my 80 year old mom is visiting me, tried it, & LOVES it! she also has very fine gray hair, and it works great for her. so am giving her one of the 2 bars i ordered from you to take home with her. will place a new order soon...since i've found this wonder soap, want to always make sure i've got a back-up supply ;)" - Patricia Lea Thompson 

" At 60 years old I have very fine thin (on top) shoulder length wavy gray hair....menopause and all that wonderful female nonsense accounting for the "thin" part. I wanted to find a natural product to care for the remaining hair I do have. My vanity can live with less hair, as long as it looks decent. Finding something truly chemical-free to wash my hair with has been a difficult search. Because my hair is so thin on top, everything I put on my hair greatly effects my scalp as well. No matter what I've tried, I ended up with hair akin to spun cotton candy, with a shiny neon red scalp glowing through! Good visual huh? But finally I am happy to say that it looks like I have found the perfect product! The Honey Oat soap left my hair nicely clean, no tangles, the natural wave in tact, not fuzzy and fly-away, and did NOT irritate my scalp at all! This is the least 'red' I have seen my scalp in years. I feel sure with continued use, the redness will reduce even more. Thank you Maggie for your wonderful products, and all your time and energy. Sending you giant hugs from North Carolina!" - Patricia Thompson

"I loved the "Honey and Oatmeal" soap i got for my daughter and wanted to order more for her and my grandson. It cleared up her eczema and sensitive skin rash within two baths!! It was amazing! Sooooooooo happy i found the website again! I will put it in favorites and be your devoted customer from now on! And by the way...excellent customer service when I called today to ask questions!!!! Wonderful!" - A Satisfied Customer in Tucson, AZ

"Our whole family has sensitive skin and we LOVE your honey oat soap! Keep up the good work!" Linda Bains in New York, NY



This is a wonderful facial soap bar and I use nothing else - very soothing for my sensitive skin and leaves my face soft and without any redness. Perfect!


I really like this soap! It smells and feels so clean and simple. Thank you for the fast shipment and the free sample of rose soap, it is a great lathering soap and smells good too!


I use the Honey Oat for my shampoo and I love it! I have tried other goat's milk soap and this one is by far the best!! Thank you very much.


My girlfriend has particularly delicate skin that is susceptible to drying out. We have tried tens of soaps in our attempt to locate a holistic, organic soap that affords the same moisturizing ability found in commercial products that utilize synthetic/artificial ingredients. In short, all other brands pale in comparison to the honey oat fragrance free soap produced by a wild soap bar with respect to quality and effectiveness.

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