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Custom Manufacturing of Natural Organic Soaps, Salves & Body Balms

Our minimum opening order for custom manufacturing is $1000. Pricing depends on ingredients chosen and services rendered, but a typical 3.5 oz naked bar runs about $3.25 each.  One pound test soap batches (optional) are $100 each and are for the purpose of testing the color, scent, and texture only.  Your test bars will not be in the shape or size of your final bars.

Our current manufacturing capabilities include 3.5 oz rectangular wire cut bars, 4 oz rectangular wire cut bars, and 3 inch diameter round bars in varying weights.  We do not manufacture individually molded or shaped soaps, soaps on a rope, or soaps with beveled edges.  

We can hand stamp your bars with a simple logo, design or slogan.  Stamps are $200 each and may require several weeks to manufacture.  Hand-stamping adds .10 per bar for labor.

We don't manufacture packaging.  We can insert our soaps into your private label boxes for a fee or you can order your custom soaps naked (without boxes) and apply your own packaging.  We do not apply cigar band or wrap around type labels.

In addition to soap, we can also custom manufacture body balms and salves.  Please give us a call to discuss your needs. 

The initial custom manufacturing process can take from 4-8 weeks.  Lead time on re-orders is typically 4-5 weeks.  Research & development (if required) is billed upfront at $100 per hour.

Call 512-272-4058 and we'll get started on your special project right away.  We look forward to working with you soon!

Please note that most of our custom manufactured products would qualify for USDA organic status based on their ingredients, but our manufacturing facility is not registered with the USDA National Organic Program, therefore the soaps or balms we make for you can not carry the official USDA organic seal.