Be 1% Better

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You may have noticed that we've made a commitment this year to be 1% better.  By donating 1% of our annual gross sales to approved non-profits, we've joined a growing network of companies and individuals who aren't willing to sit around and wait for environmental change. A network who wants to help be the change instead. And by supporting AWSB and other 1% for the Planet members, you're helping us amplify our impact as we commit to something much bigger than all of us. The health of our planet! 

But we need your help. We're asking you and your friends and family to shop for the planet so you can give your hard earned money to those who are making a difference. Look for the 1% logo wherever you go. Get involved. Care deeply. Ask questions. 

Volunteer on June 7 and 8, 2019 as the network celebrates our days of action around the globe. Then figure out ways to reduce plastic in your daily life. Develop a plan to use less water each and every day. And ask yourself if you really need all that extra "stuff" you buy every year. Do you really? Think long and hard.

You have a choice. Choose wisely. 

Our planet is changing, are you? 

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