Rescue Your Dry Skin

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No matter where you are, you're likely looking forward to the upcoming change in seasons. Here in Texas, spring is in the air and the bluebonnets are beginning to bloom!

The end of winter means your skin is overdue for some seriously decadent pampering, especially considering the crazy weather some of us have experienced lately. As I write this, I'm hearing about the second bone chilling nor'easter in just two weeks over on the east coast!

The team at A Wild Soap Bar is here to help. Our moisturizing Three Weeds Salve can soothe and soften dry chapped skin in record time with its certified organic olive oil infused with skin loving chickweed, plantain, and yarrow. Smooth it onto lips, cheeks, cuticles, hands, elbows, knees, heels or just about anywhere that needs some extra TLC (even dry split ends). You'll definitely get your money's worth because a little goes a long way.

Just because the weather is punishing you, doesn't mean you should punish your skin.

Rescue Your Dry Winter Skin With Our Super Hydrating Three Weeds Salve!

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