Rub A Dub Dub, Pup In The Tub!

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Most dogs are treated like family members these days. And why not when they bring so much joy to our lives? Well most days anyway. But just like humans, dogs can be sensitive to harsh chemicals and perfumes and can always benefit from specially formulated natural soaps and shampoos. Don't be tempted to use conventional human shampoos on Fido just because that's what you happen to have. The harsh sulfates will strip away all of the beneficial excess oils which can cause dry skin, itching, and excessive licking or chewing which may lead to infection. Topical flea & tick medications can be stripped away by human shampoos as well. Many of the conventional dog shampoos on the market are still too harsh for dogs, especially those with sensitive skin.

Our natural Woof Wild Dog Shampoo is extremely mild because it doesn't contain any sulfates, foam boosters, preservatives, synthetic perfumes, or other harmful chemicals. Just good old fashioned herbal soap that's been specially formulated to leave your dog's coat clean, soft, and best of all... moisturized. It's also safe, biodegradable, handmade with mostly organic ingredients, and of course it's cruelty free.

The next time your dog needs freshening up, don't hesitate to lather up with it, even if your dog has sensitive skin! We get glowing reports all the time from satisfied dog owners everywhere. Notice I said dog owners. The dogs don't much care for a bath no matter HOW natural it is. Just be sure not to wash too often. Most vets agree that people wash their dogs far too much. Every other week is probably OK, especially with our gentle shampoo, but once a month is even better.

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