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bulk soap loaf

Bulk Soap Loaf
Bulk Soap Loaf
Bulk Soap Loaf
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    Save when you buy in bulk! Our natural soap loaves are handmade fresh to order. We recommend you slice your loaf into bars as soon as you get it with a large kitchen knife and then set the bars out to dry (out of direct sunlight) for a week or two before using them.  This air drying time will increase their longevity.  Each loaf weighs about 52 oz. and is the equivalent of 13 air dried 3.5 oz. bars.  

    NOTE: Sea Scrub is not available as a loaf because it gets too hard to cut smoothly soon after it's made.

    HOW IT WORKS: We'll cut your loaf the next time we're making the soap you chose. Then it will cure in our special drying room for a few days before shipment. Depending on the soap you ordered, this could take 1 to 3 weeks.  If you're in a hurry, we recommend buying our naked soaps instead.  Keep in mind that if you order other things on the same order,  your entire order will be delayed until your soap loaf is ready.  If you need your other items right away, put them on a separate order.

    See individual soap listings for ingredients.

    "I like to keep a log of your soap around to give as gifts.  Just slice off a piece, wrap it up, and you're good to go. Saves time and the recipients are always thrilled to get it.  Thanks for making such a great product!"  -Jesse Retroni in Palm Springs, CA

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