fragrance free castile liquid soap concentrate
  • fragrance free castile liquid soap concentrate
  • castile liquid soap concentrate
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CLEARANCE! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Our versatile, fragrance free, castile liquid soap concentrate is safe for all washable surfaces, from countertops to clothes, as well as people and pets. It's super economical too because you can dilute it with water! Customize the scent with one or more of our pure essential oil blends or use it unscented. It cleans either way. There are so many uses for this product we can't even list them all here! If you can clean it with water, this will probably do the job. Try our foaming soap pump by the sink for a luxurious hand soap at a fraction of the cost or use it in the garden to drive out pests. Just think how much money you'll save and how many toxic chemicals you'll avoid (and all the bottles you'll keep out of the landfill). 16 oz. amber glass


TO SCENT OUR 16 OZ. SOAP CONCENTRATE (UNDILUTED): Add up to 2.5 ml (1/4 bottle) of our essential oil blend for a bold scent. Add sparingly, you can always add more. Shake gently to blend.

FOR OUR FOAMING PUMP BOTTLE: Remove the pump cap. Pour in soap to 1st fill line. Pour in warm water to 2nd fill line. Add 15-30 drops of our essential oil blend (optional). Place hand over top to close and shake gently until blended. Replace pump cap after foam has subsided. DO NOT SHAKE WITH THE PUMP CAP ON! THE PUMP MAY MALFUNCTION IF WATER GETS IN IT.

DISINFECTING ALL PURPOSE CLEANER: In a spray bottle, combine 2 cups water, 1 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of our castile liquid soap concentrate, and up to 2.5 ml (1/4 bottle) of our pure essential oil blend. SHAKE GENTLY BEFORE EACH USE.

FACE OR BODY SOAP: Use undiluted or dilute 1 part concentrate with up to 3 parts water in a squirt bottle. Shake gently to blend.

HAIR SOAP: In a small squirt bottle mix 6 TBS concentrate with 6 tsp. of coconut milk. Add a few drops of coconut oil or an essential oil blend (optional) and shake gently to blend. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

SIMPLE LAUNDRY SOAP: Use 1/4 - 1/3 C. concentrate in a regular washer. Mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oil blend for scent first (optional) but do not add undiluted essential oils directly to clothes or the washer. For HE washers, dilute soap concentrate with 50% warm water first, shake gently, then fill soap reservoir to recommended line.

MONEY SAVING LAUNDRY SOAP: In a gallon jug, dissolve 3/4 C baking soda and 1/4 C fine sea salt in 2 1/2 C warm water. Add 1 C liquid soap concentrate. Add up to 2.5 ml (1/4 bottle) of our essential oil blend (optional). Use 1/3 C in a regular washer or fill soap reservoir to recommended level for HE washer. SHAKE GENTLY BEFORE EACH USE.

DISH SOAP: Mix one part soap with 3 parts water in a plastic squirt bottle. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil blend for scent (optional). Mixture will not suds much but will still clean well. SHAKE GENTLY BEFORE EACH USE.

TUB SCRUB: Fill a spray bottle with 1/3 soap concentrate and 2/3 warm water. Add several drops of your favorite essential oil blend to desired scent level (optional). Spread baking soda liberally around the tub and spray the soap mixture on top of it. Scrub with a no scratch scouring pad or brush. SHAKE GENTLY BEFORE EACH USE.

PET SOAP: Wet your pet's coat thoroughly, then massage in a small amount of concentrate until you work up a good lather. Amount of soap to use will vary with each animal. You can mix a few drops of essential oil into the soap first (optional), but add very sparingly. DO NOT USE UNDILUTED ESSENTIAL OILS ON PETS AND NEVER USE ESSENTIAL OILS ON CATS!

INSECTICIDAL SOAP CONCENTRATE: Mix up 2 C. water, 12 cloves of garlic, and 6 hot peppers in a blender, then let stand overnight. Strain the liquid out removing all solid particles. DO NOT GET THIS IN YOUR EYES OR ON YOUR SKIN, IT WILL BURN! Pour the strained liquid into a bottle and add 1 TBS. soap concentrate plus 2.5 ml (1/4 bottle) of your favorite essential oil blend. Store in the refrigerator or in a cool dark place until needed. Shake well and add 2 TBS prepared soap concentrate per quart of water to a pump sprayer or spray bottle. Spray during the early morning or late evening when plants are not in direct sunlight. Saturate both the top and underside of leaves, re-applying as necessary. Allow several days between applications. The soap helps the concoction stick to the leaves and to the insects themselves, damaging their cell membranes. It's pretty effective against a wide range of pests. To save beneficials use sparingly, only treating infected and infested plants. Happy Gardening!

saponified organic coconut, organic olive, and organic jojoba oils, vegetable glycerin, organic guar gum, rosemary extract, organic aloe



I use this concentrate to make hand soap. I left it unscented and it has worked well. I just mix with water, fill and re-fill my glass dispensers from the originally purchased bluebonnet castile liquid soap and have exactly what I need for my bathrooms.

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