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6 naked soaps

6 naked natural organic soaps
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    Do you really need your soap in a cute little box? We didn't think so. Save wildly when you order 6 naked soaps (that means soaps wearing no boxes). Don't forget to choose your soaps below! 

    See the individual soap listings for ingredients.

    "I have spent my whole life living with a severe skin condition like a yeast infection all over my body. Now for the first time, after trying your soap for 2 months, I have no more itch and all sores are almost completely healed...I can't Thank You enough. I very highly recommend your soap for all those living with skin allergies of any kind." Ty in Deland, FL

    "I purchased my first soaps about three years ago at the Texas State Arts and Crafts Fair in Kerrville. My husband and I use only Wild Texas Soaps now. I have struggled with psoriasis on my chin and neck for years and since using your soaps I am cured!" -Peggy Harrell, Plano, TX 

    "Just wanted to let you know we love your soap! Love it even more now having visited your website and know more about your company. I gave many of your soaps to my family for Christmas presents this year - they love them now too!" -Allison, The Woodlands, TX