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natural handmade organic oak moss soap
  • natural handmade organic oak moss soap
  • oakmoss lichen on oak tree
Item #: OAK
As its name suggests, oakmoss grows on the branches and trunks of oak trees. It is one of the most commonly used raw materials in popular chypre and fougère types of fragrances. Often used as a fixative, oak moss not only improves the longevity of the scent but also lends an earthy, damp forest-like aroma to our essential oil blend. This may be considered a traditional men's scent, but women are wild about it too. Bathe in the sultry richness of oak moss with this super smooth bar! 3.5 oz. boxed bar

NOTE: Natural colorants are powerful! We recommend using a dark colored wash cloth with this bar.

saponified certified organic vegetable oils (extra virgin olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sunflower, castor), distilled water, essential oils (lavandin, oak moss absolute, patchouli, vetiver), French green clay, sea salt, cosmetic grade pigments


I'm a Black Willow fan and this new Oak Moss is a great addition to the lineup!
I've always loved the scent of oakmoss, so when I saw the new soap, I wanted to try it. I buy a lot of soap from Wild Soap Bar, because I like the quality of the ingredients and product, and how moisturizing and soothing they are. We use a variety of soaps, and the oakmoss has been just as excellent as the others. I bought two bars, and my daughter promptly made off with one of them, so I'll have to get another one to replace it. But this is definitely a formula that I would want to purchase again, both for the shower and for the bathroom sink. If you like a green, woody scent, you may enjoy this one.
I was pleasantly surprised at the earthy smell this soap has. Its like being in a woody area smelling all the warm fragrances the surround you.

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