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pine tar neem oil organic handmade bar soap

pine tar neem soap (PIN)

4.90 stars, based on 20 reviews
If you've got skin problems our tea tree enriched Pine Tar Neem Soap is for you! The powerful combination of creosote free pine tar and organic neem oil packs a double whammy. This soap has a smoky scent but our customers with skin problems don't...


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  • leaves%20skin%20calm%20and%20soothing

I have been suffering from a rash for a while now. I've gone to my dermatologist only to be prescribed medication that did not work. For the past 2 weeks I haven't used anything and I am now waiting for my skin biopsy. In the mean time, I've been in agony over the feeling and sight of the rash. One night I decided to use the pine tar neem oil soap bar in a bath. The very next morning I noticed the rash wasn't so red and itchy. I used it for 3 consecutive night and my rash is almost completely gone. I'm so grateful I found this product and I recommend it to anyone who is experiencing similar issues.

New Jersey


  • Great%20scent
  • Great%20for%20exfoliating%20
  • Sea%20salt%20may%20be%20a%20little%20coarse%20for%20some

I've tried numerous pine tar soaps but yet this one still leads the pack. The sea salt is very good for exfoliating to scrub yourself clean but the great scent makes me forget I'm in my shower and that I feel like I'm in the middle of the woods under a hidden waterfall.


Excellent for Eczema

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I'm exposed to harsh cleansers, so it tends to flare up. This soap clears up a flare up almost completely with one wash. Yeah, it does smell smoky and a bit weird but it doesn't really linger and it's worth it for the benefits. Also, as an odd side note, it's great for getting oil paint off your skin.

Atlanta, GA

Excellent soap for daily use


I use this soap daily as I love the medicinal properties, smell and softness that it adds to my body and face. If I have itchiness or breakouts, this soap keeps it in check. I highly recommend.

Oakwood, TX

For Sensitive Skin


I have used several fragrances of A Wild Soap Bar's for several years and each has proven to be the only soap that does not cause feminine itching. I could tell a difference immediately after using it the first time. Pine Tar Neem Oil, Passionflower and Black Willow Bark are my favorites for my sensitive skin. Try it and you will not be disappointed.


Fulfills its Claim

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Since moving (temporarily) out of Texas, I've had to deal with dry skin and dandruff. I picked up a bar of this soap while visiting and, lo and behold, my problems were gone after just a few days of using it. It surpassed my expectations,and I just wish it was more readily available where I'm living. Thank goodness for A Wild Soap Bar's online shop.

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