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bluebonnet handmade organic bar soap with lavender, boxed
  • bluebonnet handmade organic bar soap with lavender, boxed
  • organic bluebonnet soap with wildflowers
Item #: BLU

This soothing blue bar is sprinkled with the state flower of Texas and scented with a relaxing lavandin (a type of lavender) essential oil blend. An all around favorite with both men and women! 3.5 oz. boxed bar

saponified certified organic vegetable oils (extra virgin olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sunflower, castor), distilled water, calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay®), essential oils (lavandin, patchouli, cedarwood, palmarosa), certified gluten free oat flour, cosmetic grade pigments, certified organic lavender, legally harvested wild bluebonnets

"Wyman and I both took our first shower with the bluebonnet soap last night, and we're hooked on it for life." -Sylinda Hunter-Meinzer, Wyman Meinzer Photography, Benjamin, TX


I thought I was in love with this company's BLACK WILLOW until I discovered their Blue Bonnet. It’s even sweeter when it comes to leaving my parched skin soft and silky.

Deep dusty blue tone is appealing to the eye of a weary soul.

Very little scent of any kind.

I have the driest skin on earth, harmed by eczema, allergies, psoriasis and a weird uv allergy that means severe burns in seconds from the sun.

99% of the soap market is off limits to me thanks to the addition of citrus or citrates to nearly every cosmetic product on earth. These 2 soaps have no CITRUS nor citrates. Hallelujah.

On top of that I don’t think any Wild soap contains these monsters…
Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citronellol, Citral, Citrus, Geranium, Benzyl Salicylate, Eugenol, Dimethicone, Lactic acid, Urea, Petroleum, nor Lactose.

TY you W I L D!

I love these bars. Especially for Texas themed gift baskets.
This soap is my 92 year old mother's favorite soap bar. It is in all 3 bathrooms in her house!
So I bought this soap thinking it was super flowery and it turned out to be what I thought it was! Wasn’t disappointed with the scent or color and it made my skin feel moisturized and clean. The only aspect of the soap that wasn’t amazing was it’s lather. But if you don’t care about lather than this soap is perfect! But personally it’s easier to shower when the soap lathers easier so I couldn’t give it a full 5 stars.
The Bluebonnet Soap has a milder flowery scent. I especially like the Castille Soaps for an all over body experience. I feel it is moisturizing for the whole body. The variety of 6 bars are fun for all of the hand washing we are doing now. I enjoy them all, it is fun to switch off. The Honey Oat and Chaparral were great choices for Free Soap Ends.
In one word: magic. I first bought this soap from HEB before they replaced all of the organic soaps with their own brand :( At first I was attracted to the smell and look, because this soap is beautiful and smells AMAZING!! But when I really started using it I found that my moderate acne(face and body) began to clear up - now, I’m not saying that it will do the same for everyone because we all have different skin types and skin needs, but for me it worked extremely well. For anyone curious, I started using the soap at 17 and now I’m 19. My skin type is sensitive, textured and I have an oily T-Zone with some acne on my face and body.
I found that with regular or acne soaps/face washes my skin would feel so tight and dry and would leave some residue behind - which I’m not an expert but I don’t think thats the best for skin(clogs pores and causes breakouts and blackheads). This soap after I used it(everyday), never left my skin tight or dry. When HEB stopped selling it, I was devastated. I checked online and on Amazon but for some reason - and I do think it was my searching skills - I could only find packs of 7 for $50 not incl shipping which was a downside because I’m a student and every penny I have counts.(I did end up buying some singles from amazon when they went from bulk to singles). But when I saw that it was on sale, I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t even need to think about it, I bought 6 bars and don’t regret it. Im hoping it’ll last me long enough until I can save and buy more, because it truly is the best soap I have used in my life. I recommend it to everyone because I think it’s just that amazing.
I would also like to mention the shipping: My package was said to arrive on a Saturday but ended up getting to me 3 days early(Wednesday). If that isn’t great service, I dont know what is!! Perfect timing too because I was about to drive from my parents to my apartment 2 hours away. And the message on the note, even though small, was still touching because you don’t get that from a lot of companies. For them its just filling it and getting it out. Oh and I did get a free 2oz bar which also smells amazing!!
Overall I love the quality, service and overall mission of cruelty free and 1% for the planet. I will only be buying soap from A Wild Soap Bar.
I feel like because I talked it up so much I need to stress this review is 100% my own thoughts and opinions. There was no coercion to writing this review except for my love of the soap and hoping this helps people buy and try it at least.


Price: $6.50
Price: $6.50
Price: $6.50





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