natural handmade organic soap odds & ends
  • natural handmade organic soap odds & ends
  • Soap Odds & Ends One Pound
Item #: ODDS

Wholesale to the public! You get one whole pound of assorted 3 oz. organic soap ends, cosmetically challenged bars, experimental bars, custom bars, or travel bars that we have on hand (our choice). They're not labeled so you'll have to identify them yourself, but trust us, they're all perfectly good. This is the most economical way to enjoy our handmade natural soaps so stock up now!

NOTE: The soaps shown here are representations only. The bars you receive may be different scents, colors, shapes, and sizes but we promise they'll all be usable.

Since we don't know exactly which soaps you'll receive on any given day, we can't list the ingredients. They're all high quality vegetable oil based soaps, but if you are vegan or allergic to something, we recommend you purchase our boxed or naked natural soaps so that you can check the specific ingredient listings.

"I love your soaps! They are amazing! I look forward to my showers even more so now! I even love when I'm done with a soap bar so I can try a different one. I love to really breathe them in and enjoy greatly each bars moisturizing properties. Dry or wet I love holding the soaps in my hands, their textures are perfect! The quality of your soaps are impressive and I was wondering if your company would make a chocolate soap I'm just so sure your team would make one with the best ingredients and not one that's a "fragrant smelling chocolate" soap. Thank you for your awesome promotions, and your odds and ends it's like Christmas when it comes. There was that special bar for each family member in there. Thank you again for going the extra mile. Because I have to say I'm one happy customer, and I speak for all of my large family as well!!" -Kelly Ann Cairns in Springville, UT

"From all my orders in the past six months I have to say, obviously, I'm enjoying your soaps. I do enjoy the "odds and ends" purchases. There are always surprises." Adrienne Ruthven - Houston, TX



As I don't know the type of soap I can't buy an entire bar.


My husband and I love all the soap from A Wild Soap Bar. The odds and ends are wonderful bars of soap for a great price. It's always fun to see and guess what type of bar of soap we received. It's a great way to try something we wouldn't have ordinarily picked out for ourselves. As a side note, I had received a bar of "commercial" soap in the mail as a sample. After using it, my husband asked for the "other soap that you order through the mail"! And I thought he didn't notice!


I've enjoyed soap and shaving cream. First time ordering odds n ends and would appreciate a listing of what's enclosed, even if you don't put it in a labeled paper sleeve


Every soap looks and smells wonderful in this bundle. There are a few I got that I wouldn't have personally selected for myself but I ended up loving them!

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