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woof wild organic dog shampoo bar soap
  • woof wild organic dog shampoo bar soap
  • our dog Buddy
Item #: DOG

Our pure & natural dog shampoo bars are enriched with organic aloe and oats to soothe the skin, essential oils to freshen the coat & help repel insects, and calcium bentonite clay for deep down cleansing, leaving the coat soft, shiny, and deodorized. Our dog Buddy (above) loves this stuff! Great for dogs with sensitive skin too. 3.5 oz. boxed bar

premium saponified vegetable oils (organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, sustainable organic palm, organic sunflower, organic castor), organic aloe, distilled water, organic oats, essential oils (lavandin, tea tree, peppermint, cedarwood, rosemary), calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay®), wild yucca root, sea salt, wild horsemint

"I just used your dog shampoo and I love it! It foamed up fast and wasn't difficult to use also it rinsed sooooo clean ! My allergic pup is a happy pup with your product! Good job!!!" - Kristine Coupal in Enola, PA

"Let me begin by saying that this soap is amazing. It makes my dog smell great and the duration of time that the soap scent remains with the dog exceeds any other soap i've ever used and i've owned dogs all of my life. Even when I take her swimming a couple times a week it still keeps her smelling great. I've bathed her 9 times so at just under $1 per wash its the best deal out there. Also, I have had no problems with any fleas or ticks and since I started using your product I haven't had to use the flea and tick prevent treatment from the vet. This wont be the last time you hear from me, I love your product!! - Alex R. McMillon in Oxford, Mississippi

"we washed our dogs with the dog shampoo and love it. i used half as much soap as i usually do and the dogs smelled for days after...I just used it up, it lasted 10 washings for our 2 medium size dogs! what a great product " - katy & scott in moab, utah

"I used the Woof Wild soap on my Corgis and the result is terrific. They're soft and fluffy, as well as smelling wonderful. Thanks for a great product." - Cheryl Kaplan in East Windsor, NJ

"Just want to let you know how much we like the dog soap. It's by far the best we've ever tried. From the non-toxic flea repelling oils, to the gentle cleaning power, it's just a great product. Thanks so much for making this lovely dog soap!!" - Jan M in Scotts Valley, CA


I purchased Woof Wild to give to all my dog-owning relatives. So far 3 of 4 dogs have tried the shampoo and approve.
We love this soap! Our dog smells like a big oatmeal cookie after her bath!
I would highly recommend this soap, my dog was so soft and shiny after using it.
My dog has very sensitive skin. This soap did not irritate her at all. Got loads of dirt off and left her smelling great.

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