Ditch the Itch with Dry Skin Relief

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Millions of Americans suffer from dry, scaly, itchy skin, especially during the colder winter months. Did you know that what you put into and onto your body also has a significant effect? A heavily processed, sugar laden, junk diet and harsh commercial bath products can add significantly to the problem. But you don't have to resign yourself to a life of clawing and scratching! Natural relief can be obtained when you follow these simple, basic guidelines.

* Consume an anti-inflammatory gluten free diet rich in fresh, non-gmo, organic vegetables, whole fruits, nuts, and free-range eggs, wild-caught small cold water fish, live fermented foods, healthy fats, and pasture raised organic meats.

* Drink plenty of filtered water and organic herbal teas to relieve dry skin from the inside out and to flush toxins from the system.

* Take natural supplements such as flax seed oil, fish or krill oil, gamma linolenic acid (GLA), zinc, vitamin e, and milk thistle.

* Use a HEPA filter on your vacuum and an air purifier inside your home or bedroom. (One study found that dust mites can weaken the skin and may worsen eczema).

* Wear soft, natural, breathable fibers and wash clothes with a mild organic castile liquid soap.

* Soak in soothing lukewarm baths (never hot) enriched with dead sea bath salts, herbal bath teas and vinegars, aluminum free baking soda, or finely ground organic oats.

* Expose the affected skin to 10-15 minutes of daily direct early morning or late afternoon sunlight and plenty of fresh clean air.

* Engage in regular stress relieving activities such as yoga, meditation, nature walks, dinner with friends, or a relaxing massage.

* Avoid detergent based soaps and harmful skin care products containing harsh petro chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Use natural organic bar soaps, liquid soaps, and salves and oils instead.

Let us know in the comments section if you have even more ideas for dry skin relief. We value your opinion and we'd love to hear from you!

NOTE: The information in this post is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any emotional, physical, or medical condition. Always consult with a qualified natural health practitioner before taking any action.

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