12 Ways to Re-Use A Wild Soap Bar's Glass Jars

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We package our wild weeds salve in glass jars for several reasons.  Plastic is seriously polluting our planet. This is reason enough to use glass...period! But glass is also infinitely recyclable. Glass is impermeable so no harmful chemicals are leached into the product. And of course, glass can be washed and re-used over and over again. While recycling is good, upcycling is always better. 

Here's some ideas to get you started.

1. Use them as tea light holders. Everything looks better by candlelight!

2. Go one step further and pour your own travel sized candles into them.

3. Store small items in them (spare buttons, jewelry, candies, bulk spices, etc.)

4. Plant them with a miniature succulent (just be careful not to overwater).

5. Arrange a tiny flower bouquet in them. Anything tiny is fabulous dahling! 

6. Organize your small office or building supplies in them (paper clips, rubber bands, nuts, screws, bolts, etc.)

7. Store that half used SOS pad in one, but don't screw the lid on until it dries out.

8. Use them for seed storage in a cool dry location. Use a white marker to write the names & dates on the lids.

9. Make a tooth fairy jar & put it on your kid's night stand (much easier than trying to retrieve the lost tooth from under their pillow!)

10. Put homemade baby food or small snacks in them. You could sterilize the jars first, but we think washing them with hot soapy water is probably sufficient.

11. Make a travel sewing kit for emergency repairs (pins, needles, a thimble, and a small spool of thread).

12. Stir up some sparkling slime using 4 oz. Elmer's washable glitter glue, add 1/2 TBS. baking soda, then add 1 TBS. contact lens solution that lists boric acid on the label (the key ingredient). They make great party favors! Just let the kids decorate their slime jar however they'd like.

So tell me. How do you re-use your glass jars?

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