Honey for Healthy Skin

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As I sit here being thoroughly annoyed by dozens of bees buzzing just outside my shop window, I'm reminded that these noisy little creatures also produce honey and beeswax, two natural beauty ingredients that have been used extensively since ancient times. Honey is a natural humectant which means it can attract and retain valuable moisture to the skin. It's also a powerful antioxidant which helps protect skin from damage, as well as a potent antimicrobial that kills harmful bacteria on the surface of the skin. Minor cuts, scrapes and burns can all be soothed by dabbing a bit of local honey on them which actually speeds healing and helps prevent infection.

This is why our Honey Oat Fragrance Free Soap is so popular. I must admit that I absolutely LOVE what it does for my own skin and hair. Our Three Weeds Salve contains organic beeswax too and it's not unusual for me to slather it somewhere on my body almost daily. I guess I really should be thanking the bees, huh?

Whether you purchase our products or not, you can harness the power of bees by making a simple honey mask at home. Even if you use premium raw, organic honey (which is highly recommended) it's still an affordable and safe option compared to expensive, chemical laden store bought masks. Who needs them when there is a DIY honey mask recipe for every skin type? Just mix up the appropriate ingredients, leave on skin for 15-30 minutes before rinsing and voila, you have an easy but effective weekly skincare treatment.

*Normal or Sensitive Skin - 2 tsp. organic raw honey by itself or add a dash of organic aloe vera gel or whole organic milk

*Dry Skin - 2 tsp. organic raw honey + a little mashed avocado and/or full fat plain organic Greek yogurt

*Oily Skin - 2 tsp. organic raw honey + a little bentonite clay and a dash of apple cider vinegar

*Acne Prone Skin - 2 tsp. organic raw honey + a pinch of organic cinnamon powder

*Dark Spots & Scars - 2 tsp. organic raw honey + a dash of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice

Bees pollinate our plants and because of that they are absolutely essential to our own survival. Man-made toxins such as pesticides and industrial pollution seriously threaten today's honeybee populations, so it's important for us to provide safe environments for bees to thrive in. If that means they buzz incessantly outside my office window, I should be thankful that our rural property is a safe and friendly environment for bees to thrive in.

Considering all that bees do for us, the constant buzzing doesn't seem quite so annoying anymore. Happy Spring!

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