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castile organic olive oil soaps
  • castile organic olive oil soaps
  • olive - Olea europea
Item #: CASN

Many vegetable soaps claim to be castile these days, but true castile is only made with olive oil. Our pure and mild fragrance free castile soaps are handmade in the old world tradition and they contain saponified certified organic extra virgin olive oil and distilled water and nothing else! Ideal for super sensitive skin, babies (but not tear free!), people with multiple chemical sensitivity, those who are allergic to coconut oil, or those who simply want the mildest handmade soap on earth. These unscented bars do not make a big fluffy lather like our soaps that contain coconut oil, but we think you will enjoy the ultra moisturizing properties of these creamy bars that are biodegradable, vegan, and gluten free. You get six 3.5 oz. bars with no packaging.

NOTE: Even though this soap is stored in a separate fragrance free facility, and we take every precaution to help keep it fragrance free, some superficial scent from the essential oils we use in the majority of our soaps may be transferred to this soap inadvertently.

saponified certified organic extra virgin olive oil, distilled water


Excellent soap to wash your body
In the last year and a half, my sensitivity to soaps, lotions and fragrances has gotten worse. I tried every simple soap I could find with no success until I found AWSB fragrance free pure olive oil soap. This is now the ONLY soap I can use on my face, body and hair. The lather is wonderful with only a slight natural fragrance. For me, no rashes no migraines from fragrance and soft hair without itching. Thank you for a product that I have used for the last year and will continue to use exclusively.
This is the only soap that doesn't make my skin freak out!! Beyond grateful!! Please make it forever :)
Absolutely amazing soap! Great for baby's sensitive skin. Very few ingredients and no scent. This is as pure as possible and finally i can stop worrying about chemicals.
This 100% olive oil castile soap has absolutely changed my life.
I’ve suffered from severe eczema for more than 20 years. Like, hella severe. You could shoot me out to the infinite vacuum of space and I’m 10000% positive my skin would brush up against dark matter or an alternate universe or something stupid like that and have an absurdly OTP reaction. Finding a beauty and hygiene regimen fit for the diva that is my epidermis has been a real struggle. After scavenging every single white yuppie health food store for every specialty organic/natural soap, cream, body wash, oil blend, or soccer mom kefir I couldn’t actually afford, only to see absolutely no improvement—or even worse, MORE eczema—I was ready to give up. I resigned myself to spend the rest of my days fighting cold, raging shower water like some common wild salmon, or maybe rolling around in dust like a chinchilla, but if you haven’t done either of those things, I really don’t recommend them. You will NEVER feel clean and refreshed, just wet and icky, and I can’t for the life of me find any store that sells dust in bulk.
I knew there had to be some holy grail out there that would work for my skin. Turns out, this is it! No more crying because my skin cracks under pressure worse than a Supreme Court nominee! No more torn, burning, dry skin! No more feeling like my whole body is on fire, 24/7!
In all seriousness, though, this soap is my ride-or-die. I can’t tell you how hard it was to find a castile soap that was actually 100% saponified olive oil and not cut with saponified coconut oil (a bigger skin irritant than my extended family) or that didn’t have some sneaky chemicals or oils (like SLS, which they use to clean car engines! I am not a car!)
This soap is clean and simple, the way it oughta be. It doesn’t foam all that much, but that’s because it’s not trying to sell you bubble bath princess fantasy. This is a soap to clean your dirty, sweaty, overly sensitive immunocompromised body and it works like a champ. It does have a tendency to congeal if you don’t let it dry itself out but, really, don’t we all? The lather is smooth, silky, and creamy, and I swear to the heavens above that it actually calms my eczema down the MOMENT I put it on. It’s so soothing, y’all. My diva skin is so content and she squeaks clean like sneakers in middle school gym class.
As for shipping, they must have shot this soap out of a cannon aimed directly at my house because it got to me SO fast—like 5 days before the expected delivery. And they packed it up so snugly! I bought the 4 bulk bars and because I spent over a certain $ amount (I can’t remember how much) they even threw in an extra bar, which to be perfectly honest with you initially had me VERY worried. The bar was their choice, and if they had cross-contaminated this pure, beautiful soap with literally any other soap my skin would have cried, but THEY DIDN’T and bless them for it. They know what’s up!
For anyone like me, whose only physical vessel through which to experience this lifetime has the integrity of a paper bag, this soap is the real deal. Buy it, but don’t buy all of it because I will be buying the rest, probably for the rest of my life. It’s that good.

AWSB Response: Congrats! You get the best review EVER award! Thanks for taking time to entertain us as well as inform and enlighten. :)






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