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mesquite bean handmade organic bar soap with patchouli
  • mesquite bean handmade organic bar soap with patchouli
  • Mesquite Beans - Prosopis sp.
Item #: MES

Exfoliating wild mesquite bean powder and skin soothing organic oats enrich this earthy bar scented with a sensuous patchouli essential oil blend. Our mesquite beans are sustainably harvested in rural areas of Mexico where economic options are few, pairing the conservation of native mesquite woodlands with economic prosperity for the locals. 3.5 oz.boxed bar

premium saponified vegetable oils (organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, sustainable organic palm, organic sunflower, organic castor), distilled water, essential oils (patchouli, lavandin, orange, ylang ylang), calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay®), wild mesquite bean, organic gluten free oat flour

"Found your soap at Bucees on our way to Florida. I smelled that amazing soap all the way to Florida and on our way back to Tx we stopped again so I could buy more. My whole family loves the soap ( mesquite bean ). We are obsessed with it. We all fight over the "last bar"! We will be regular customers from now on!" - Melissa Adams in Corpus Christi, TX

"While making my way thru Buc-ee's today I was overwhelmed by the fantastic odor, I followed it over to your display, immediately realized it was the Mesquite awildsoapbar. I LOVE this fragrance, wonder if you make a hand balm/moisturizer? I can't wait to try my new soap btw - thank you!!!" - Lisa Januska in Houston, TX

"My favorite is the Mesquite. I keep a bar on my bathroom counter and pick it up and smell it everytime I go by! The only thing I don't like is when I finish it." -Tracey Chacon in Mesa, AZ


This is about my third time ordering these soaps. I order for the family because we all love the smell and feeling of clean without residue left behing.
I originally purchased the Mesquite Bean soap at Tonto National Monument. I loved the smell of it. I have extremely sensitive and dry skin, so was tentative about using it on my body. The soap is fantastic -- no irritation and no drying. It is my favorite soap.
I have to admit I am addicted to this soap. It always leaves my skin clean and refreshed and not over moisturized. I have been purchasing this soap (and others) for years from AWildSoapBar; the quality of their products is consistent and the customer service is top notch.

I have ordered this mesquite soap many times in the past and was very disapointed in this order. It hardly smell like mesquite, no spice on the end of the bars like in the past, and it is very hard to get off the soap dish. Sticks so much I have to pick up the soap dish to remove the soap

AWSB Response: Like I said in my private email to you, I'm sorry you were disappointed. Our Mesquite Soap formula has not changed in many years. We did reduce the amount of toppings on every soap last year, but the Mesquite Soap still has plenty of finely ground mesquite bean meal sprinkled on top. Handmade soap is notorious for sticking to soap dishes and ours is no exception.

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